INKLINGS DESIGN is an independent graphic design studio based in Vancouver and owned by designer and haiku poet Anne Dunnett.


I've always had a strong passion for the creative arts and have been designing for as long as I can remember. After four years of art education along with a variety of jobs that weren't satisfying, I soon realized that I had a burning desire to branch out on my own. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to find my way, I began to create my own destiny. During this time I discovered a love of typography, page layout and visual presentation. Inspired as a child by my Grandmothers poetry, I also began to study and learn more about zen arts and haiku which then led me to writing my own haiku. I have been able to connect these principles in a way that is whole and speaks to my clients with conviction to the true nature of who I am. I provide insight as well as a unique perspective and service that they can use to enhance their business and help them grow. Looking for creative ways to improve on how content is not only designed, but how the overall picture ensures that the messages are reaching the target audience is what I focus on.

new pic_13Using a heightened awareness to give my clients the best design services available that motivates, attracts and creates a desire for people to respond. Having an eagle eye helps me to foresee hidden opportunities as well as potential challenges, such as a design that visually represents a particular statement while the text communicates the opposite, giving the viewer a subliminal mixed message. I love to solve problems such as these in addition to keeping my clients assured, at ease, and making each project fun. I pride myself on being sensitive to their needs and listening to their design challenges. Passionate about making things clear, easy and simple is what I do. Giving them a positive experience and creating designs that are good for the soul.


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