Back to school, back to work


When I was little, the beginning of September was always full of mixed emotions. Sad about the end of Summer holidays and "somewhat" excited about going back to school. For me, the best part was the back to school shopping!

For those of us running a small business it's a good opportunity to have a fresh start, get focused and buckle down to work. Working moms are often relieved with getting their kids back into school and having more structure and time to spend on their business. It's a great time to get out and network, learn a new skill and market, market, market. Much like January, it's a time to re-assess and see where you're at. Are you on target and is your marketing plan bringing you results?

It may be good to look at the parts of your plan that aren't working to determine if you need to update your facebook banner graphic or other social media graphics. Are you going it alone with a DYI approach to your overall brand? DYI can be fun, but when it comes to you and the face to your business it may not be the best approach. Some entrepreneurs will look for lower priced options without considering how it will impact their company's representation. Hiring a professional graphic designer is an investment and some entrepreneurs believe that spending money on a graphic designer may not be good value when they think that they can do it themselves. Between a learning curve, added stress and having frustrations without the correct software can harm your business by giving it an overall low-end appearance at first glance. It's vital for your brand to represent the quality of your products and services by having them well integrated with your overall visual presence. Instead of doing it yourself, it would be more beneficial to utilize your valuable time by focusing on your own expertise and what you do best. A professional Graphic Designer has the ability to emphasize what your business has to offer, while incorporating features that you truly want to highlight. Let your business excel with what you know and let the experience of a good designer use their knowledge to help you get the attention to set you up for success.

Questions to ask yourself:
Are you on target and is your marketing plan bringing you results?
Are you going it alone with a DYI approach to your overall brand?
What would you do if you had free time to focus more on what you do best?

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