The benefits of having a design “makeover” for your brand and business

by ANNE DUNNETT on JUNE 30, 2014

Are you ready for a design “makeover”? When most people think of a makeover they think of a fashion makeover involving updating someone’s appearance. First impressions do matter and the same applies to your brand and how it looks. Your brand is the face of your company and the first thing that people will see and perceive. Some companies who have been in business for some time are good candidates for having a graphic design makeover.

Are you one of them?

Staying current with trends and keeping up to date is important to make your customers know that you care about them and are thriving in your business. There are many elements to consider while taking on a design makeover project. The first and foremost to keep in mind is brand recognition. Updating a new logo can sometimes be a challenging task, possibly making you nervous about change. Being concerned about keeping the brand somewhat similar is a valid and justifiable detail to consider. Using some of the elements, such as colours that can be carried over into the new brand to ensure your customers will still know who you are. Simpler makeovers such as updating an ad or a brochure is a less daunting task. If you know that your branding needs an update, you should decide if you want a logo makeover or a simple logo fix up. Your logo may just need to be decluttered. A little font update, a little simplifying or maybe an illustrated approach. This allows for slow integration into your branding materials without losing brand recognition or existing customers. A logo makeover usually involves recreating your artwork so that your new and improved logo can be applied to all of your print and on-line marketing materials. Updating these materials may or may not involve a complete overhaul to your brand. It all depends on how much of a change has been done. Some updates may need to be created right away and others can be done over a period of time. A good graphic designer will make sure your brand is recognizable for its followers when it’s updated.

Can you see how the makeover on these newsletters improves the overall look, effectiveness and impression it leaves?

Client: Ecotrend Ecologics
Project: redesign of logo branding/newsletters/website

Inklings_blog graphic July_14

The challenge
Ecotrend Ecologics has been in business for over 25 years and had not updated their brand or had used the services of a professional graphic designer for their marketing materials. They wanted to keep certain elements of the logo the same such as the recognizable triangle shape. The newsletter was created internally and had a amateur quality that was not reflective of the success of the company. The colours and use of typography were dated and overall the newsletter was difficult to read.

The Solution
By learning about the history of the company and understanding its target market, I was able to create a fresh and new look and feel. The update is a solid, clear and clean representation of the company that is earthy, health conscious and is a distributor of eco friendly products. The newsletter is much easier for retailers to read with an improved format, a softer but earthy colour palette and a better use of typography.


"Several years ago my company needed an image refresh for our newsletters and website. We hired Anne to work on the creative and her initial concepts were exceptional. This was a big job and a challenge as it involved three publications. This look was to be new and have no ties to the old concepts. However the 3 newsletters needed to be different but in some way tied together for consistency.  It was important for the publications to be ‘alive and fresh’. The new design she provided for the website connected beautifully with this concept and gave us the update we wanted. The process was quick and efficient and the newsletters achieved our goal of a completely new image that actually could change slightly with the seasons. The reaction from our customers was superb. The whole experience was a pleasure and a huge success."

John Harrison
CEO & President
Ecotrend Ecologics


Questions to ask yourself:
Does your personality come through in your marketing materials?
Does your material tell your prospective customer exactly how they will benefit by using your services?
Is your material persuasive and customer focused?

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