How a custom holiday haiku card can help your clients remember you


Over the years I have participated in a lot of Holiday Craft Shows in Vancouver with my haiku gifts and cards. They have a lot of good shows in November and I always found it to be way too early, but I guess it’s good for all those early bird shoppers out there! When it comes to businesses who often give their clients Holiday gifts and cards it’s not too early to start thinking about it in November, especially if you’re looking for something unique and custom. My Holiday haiku cards have always been quite popular with the shows I’ve participated in. Creating a custom haiku and design with your brand is a project I love to do. Similar to my thank you cards it is the perfect way to show your appreciation to your clients and be remembered. Either a beautifully printed card that people will love to receive in the mail or an ecard that is quick and easy with just a click. Sending cheap cards relays a cheap message to your customers that will leave a bad impression and that you don’t really care. A beautifully custom design makes for a personal printed piece that will leave your clients more motivated to reach out to thank you personally.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do you want to stand out and be remembered during the Holiday Season?
Have you thought about your corporate Holiday cards?
Are you looking to re-connect with clients or customers who you may have been out of contact with for a while?

There are so many entrepreneurs who would love to do nothing more than to send a holiday greeting to their clients and customers, but, just never find the time. When your Clients receive your Holiday haiku card, it looks to them that you are organized, ‘on-the-ball’ and are thinking of them.

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To learn more about Everyday Haiku and thank you cards go to http://www.inklingsdesign.net/everyday-haiku/. To get in touch with me directly go to http://www.inklingsdesign.net/contact/ I’d love to see how I can help get your holiday message to your clients so they will remember you and you can leave a good impression.

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