How an eye-catching book cover is essential for making readers buy your book

by ANNE DUNNETT on MARCH 10, 2014

So, you’ve been writing, rewriting, revising and editing and are excited to finally feel ready to have your book published. You might find yourself asking...... where do I go from here? There are many steps to having a book published and as a self published author it’s crucial to do your home work and hire a team of professionals who will be able to bring your words to life and get your story and expertise out into the world. From the design and printing, to the marketing and PR, all of the steps are important. As a self-published author, an eye-catching cover design is essential for making a good first impression that immediately compels your audience to take action. You might be thinking that a DYI approach is the route to take, but without a professional designing your book, you’re at risk of having the cover looking homemade and your readers not taking you seriously. Your content may be remarkable and informative, but how it’s presented can be a deal breaker for your audience. A striking and professionally designed book cover will help you build your brand, as well as peak your readers interest. Attention grabbing graphics will help your book pop off the shelf and get your audience reading it cover to cover.

The design of your book is crucial in how readable it is and the inside pages of your book are just as important. Typography is key, and it’s best to use the same or close to the same type and treatment to the inside of the book in order to maintain overall brand consistency to make the book flow. Chapter pages, colours, type sizes, page count and the readability of the pages are all things to consider that a skilled graphic designer can help you with. Understanding the basic building blocks of the process is helpful for knowing how to put all the pieces together.

Once your book is finalized and being printed, creating a web presence is an amazing marketing tool to get exposure and be seen. Your book designer can create a web page based on your book. Following design elements and the essence of your brand, your web page will be available for your readers to learn about you and your book. Your book can also be created as a ebook in various formats and made available for ereaders. The design of the cover can be used as a marketing tool for your PR, social media and exposure. Writing a book boosts your career in a big way and helps to put you on the map as an expert in your field.

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