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October is Small Business month in Vancouver! As a small business owner, I know and understand how much time and effort it takes to keep things running smoothly and easy to maintain. A delicate balance of taking care of your clients and yourself can become a challenge in all on it’s own. I’ve been looking at the Small Business BC website quite a bit this week and have found it to be a source of good information, inspirational articles and some great events which I’m planning to go to throughout the month. I find networking to be such an amazing way to connect with other entrepreneurs who are going through the same kinds of challenges and issues that I am or have in the past. It really makes you feel connected and less alone, especially for those who are a home based business. When I hear stories of other women who have had their ups and downs with their businesses, I feel inspired and encouraged to move forward with my plans and goals for the future.

The Small Business BC blog has some really good articles from financial advice to how to motivate your team. One article caught my eye called “The $1,000,000 Thank-You Letter”  written by Marco Longley. Marco tells about his life changing experience of sending out thank you letters...... click on the link to read more


This article inspired and reminded me of just how valuable saying thank you can be. With my own offer of haiku thank you cards I want to share this with you. I offer custom haiku thank you cards to my clients as an effective and memorable marketing tool that makes a lasting impression. Thank you cards are a great way to create and foster long-term relationships. Having a custom haiku and design that enhances your brand beautifully helps you to be top of mind by your customers; distinguishing your company from the competition. Something as simple as sending a card can be worth $1,000,000. And wouldn’t that be nice!

To learn more about Everyday Haiku and thank you cards go to http://www.inklingsdesign.net/everyday-haiku/. To get in touch with me directly go to http://www.inklingsdesign.net/contact/ I’d love to see how I can help inspire you and your clients to be remembered and get noticed.

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