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by ANNE DUNNETT on APRIL 7, 2014

Spring is in the air! One of the things I love about living in Vancouver in the Spring is seeing the cherry blossoms come alive. Cherry blossoms are closely connected and used in haiku poetry in Japan and around the world. April celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival here in Vancouver, which is a month long celebration of the Spring and rebirth; a renewal of hope and the connection to one another after a long and dreary Winter.

In traditional Japanese haiku and todays, the seasons are often referred in nature. Haiku is poetry of nature and human nature, provoking images and feelings of being in the moment. By using a seasonal word (kigo) to illustrate a feeling associated with the season. Such as, cherry blossoms for the Spring and the full moon for Autumn. Providing a sense of being in the season while sometimes not saying what the season is. Spring has a mood of optimism and is often implied to be a new beginning as a round belly indicates birth and a new life. The essence of a haiku is creating a clear image for the viewer to see that is real and in the moment. Not using decorative or fancy words, the purpose is to evoke a feeling for the reader. A haiku presents a pair of contrasting images, one suggests a time and place, the other a vivid but temporary view. It is poetry of the senses. Traditional haiku is based on a 17 syllable form using 3 lines. Contemporary haiku is free form, assimilated by the West and Zen philosophy that does not follow the traditional Japanese “rules” of 5/7/5 syllables. Today’s haiku is written in many languages, but the number of writers is still concentrated primarily in Japan and secondarily in English-speaking countries.  

Spring is the perfect time to send clients thank you cards. There are so many benefits to sending thank you cards and by having a custom haiku and design that enhances your brand beautifully, you will make a good impression and be remembered by your customers; distinguishing your company from the competition. Having your own custom haiku can help you stand out and get attention for your business. Thank you cards are a great way to do this. Your client may have met with 10 other people, but if you are the one who sends him a memorable card to thank him then you will be remembered a lot more than the other people who were encountered. After all, business is all about making contacts and making the right impression on people. A beautifully custom design makes for a personal printed piece that will leave your clients more motivated to reach out to thank you personally. Thank you cards are the best way to make an lasting impression.

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Questions to ask yourself:
Do you send your clients thank you cards?
Are looking for a special way to thank your clients?
Do you want your clients to remember you?

I’d love to help you create a thank you card that stands out and will speak to your clients in a personal and memorable way.

Pintrest haiku graphic

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