The importance of graphic design and why it matters


Design is everywhere!

As a graphic designer I have the added awareness of how much design is out there in the world. From outdoor signage to small packages we buy at the drugstore and on the web, it is everywhere. Design does matter but what matters even more is GOOD design. Unfortunately, there is a ton of crappy design that the untrained eye may not see. They may know when a design is not good or not working but not knowing why or how it could be better. Graphic design serves a purpose of presenting words and images that are pleasing to the eye but it also need to communicate a clear message. On the flip side design matters in its aesthetics to the simplicity of being a beautiful and elegant design that simply just is. A design that evokes a feeling or mood without the use of typography can be just as powerful and effective. Good graphic design also matters for making things easy for the end user. For businesses to make better products, communicate clear messages and a good user experience all takes clarity, insight and vision. The design process is an important part in having all of the elements work well. It can be mysterious, making it challenging to take a concept and turning it into the final product. Starting with an idea and transforming it into a actual form is what all good designers make happen. A practice of discovery and research are important to the creative flow in achieving success for clients. Good design does benefit people and it can generate profit for businesses. Good design also serves a purpose in bringing peace, harmony and inspiration in a world that is full of daily challenges. Simply put, attractiveness and good aesthetics makes us feel better, provides more joy and happiness into our lives and who wouldn’t want that!

Good design versus bad design is sometimes about taste. Some people don’t know the difference. With a little insight and education, good taste is always possible to achieve.

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Can you see how good design is important and why it matters to your brand?
What can you take from this information and apply it to your marketing?
Are your clients seeing you as an established business with what you present to the world?


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