Spring cleaning! How simple designs can help declutter your marketing materials

by ANNE DUNNETT on APRIL 27, 2014

Decluttering has become quite a popular task over the past couple of years. From reality shows about hoarders to hiring professional Clutter Consultants, it has turned us inward to our awareness and how it makes a difference in our lives. An overwhelming project for some can be easy for others on deciding what is of importance and is necessary. Clutter means distraction or confusion. Many people are attached to their “things”. Decluttering is a practice of making decisions about what is no longer working and what to keep that is.

How does this apply to graphic design? If your marketing materials are jammed packed with too much text, visuals and colours, people won't want look at them or read them. Especially with all the information that they get on a daily basis. They will be confused and will do the opposite of what you want and move on to the next email blast, blog post or toss out a printed piece. It all comes down to less is more and to differentiate what needs to stay and what can go. The first step is to edit your copy, hiring a good copy writer and/or marketing consultant is a good start in this process. They can help you determine how to get your messages clear and simple. Organizing the structure and hierarchy of the piece will need to be decided as well. Once you've completed your new copy then you're ready to hire a graphic designer. The designers goal is to get your messages to stand out and achieve the results you want to help your business grow and move forward. The graphic designer will work with your existing brand and your new materials to improve on what is working and what’s not. Keeping brand consistency is vital to making this work while creating a fresh and new look and feel that will enhance each project. Whether this is a whole new marketing project or just a few new designs, such as a post card or a new ebook, the job of the designer is the make sure the brand is recognizable for its followers. Using the same colours is a good to way to achieve this. The key is to make it simple, clear and effective for the target audience. Decluttering can create a powerful impact for the viewer with an emotional response to take action and engage more with your clients.

Questions to ask yourself:
Are you sending out a clear message to your clients ?
Do your marketing materials look busy, confusing and unclear?
Do you want your clients to recognize your brand?

Pintrest haiku graphic

 April2_14blog_Pintrest haiku graphics

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