What do Zen arts, graphic design and haiku poetry have in common?


Zen has become a part of our pop culture while there is still much to learn and understand about it, I continue to research and find out how it can by applied to my everyday life. The fundamental structure of Zen arts, graphic design and haiku is based on simplicity. I have found Zen philosophy to be inspirational for my creativity, my writing and in my life. Rich in it’s history while having a profound effect on our busy and sometimes overwhelming lives. I find it a good way to unwind and be still. When I talk about Zen arts, I’m referring to the creative process whether it is applied to painting, photography, graphic design or writing haiku, the goal or challenge is to think in terms of “less is more”.

D.T. Suzuki is a well known authority on Zen Buddhism and Japanese culture. These are his words about Zen Arts. “The arts of Zen are not intended for utilitarian purposes, or for purely aesthetic enjoyment, but are meant to train the mind, indeed, to bring it into contact with ultimate reality.”

What does this really mean? When I practice the Zen approach to design I put a lot of thought into what I’m creating while keeping in mind that the finished piece is clean, clear and uncluttered. It is an intuitive process that unfolds, cultivates and transforms the outcome of the final piece. Haiku comes into play with Suzuki’s comment about “reality”, as the essence of a haiku is creating a clear image for the viewer to see that is real and in the moment. Not using decorative or fancy words, the purpose is to evoke a feeling for the reader. So, haiku has the same approach in it’s simplicity and clarity as the design of a web site or a printed piece for a client.

Can you see how Zen, graphic design and haiku are all closely connected?

zen quote graphic

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